Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Generate Your Application in a few times...

Now you can generate the websites as well as windows applications within a small time.
The new developing tool named "WINDEV / WEBDEV / WINDEV Mobile".

This is a one type of IDE(Integrated development environment) to generate the software. And it use the 4GL(4th Generation Language) to develop the application.

It use the WLanguage (just like c# & VB) and its a 5GL.

And the Database which used by WINDEV/WEBDEV is HyperFileSQL File.

It is a Product of PCSoft Company(Started in 1984).

The WINDEVWEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile environments are compatible and share project elements.

It has 15 version and WINDEV / WEBDEV / WINDEV Mobile version 16 is just launched in January 2011.

1.) This is a Development-life-cycle of WINDEV/WEBDEV.
--> The Manages of full Development Cycle is as display below:

2.) Universal Data Connector

--> The Connectivity of WINDEV/WEBDEV with different Data Access Model, described in belowchart.
-->It has HyperFileSQL Native database as a powerful SQL Database, which is derived in Classic Mode(for local NW), Client/Server Mode (for windows & Linux) and For Mobile.
--> It has also connectivity of database with Native Oracle, Native MySQL, Native SQL Server, OLEDB, ODBC, Native XML, etc...

2.) Multi Platform Development Support
--> It support to Multi-Platform development
--> Means if you want to create an application in php, WEBDEV support to use the Open Source PHP Support, if you develop application in, WEBDEV support you to develop application using .net framework and also support to use the SQL Database.
--> It also support C,C++,VB,C#,JAVA,etc.. languages rather than WLanguage support.
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