Friday, July 29, 2011

Clearing Sql Management Studio Saved Passwords

Hi Friends,

"I've recently used our company's spare laptop (that has a general user set up) while mine was being repaired. I've checked the "remember password" option in SQL Management studio when logging in to the database. I need to clear the login and password information that i have used to prevent the next person that will use the laptop from using my login names and passwords. How can I do this?"

Do you have similar question?

Then Here is the Solution : 

Solution can be for two scenarios :

Scenario 1:
If u wanna clear only password of 1 UserID:
First go to : "%AppData%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\\Tools\Shell\"
Now open : "SqlStudio.bin" in Notepad / WordPad
Search for : "Password" and delete the encrypted password 
Check : UserID mentioned aside.

Enjoy... your pasword of that userid has been reset now.

Scenario 2:
If u wanna clear all passwords:
First go to : "%AppData%\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\\Tools\Shell\"
Now delete : "SqlStudio.bin"

Enjoy... your all paswords has been cleared from the sql cache.

Hope this post will help u.

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