Monday, June 10, 2013

SQL SERVER – DBCC RESEED Table Identity Value – Reset Table Identity

Hi Guys,

Today I faced an issue, when I migrated data from 1 DB to another DB using simple insert queries on cross DBs via SQL Server Management Studio. The identity column created an issue for my case here. Then I realized to truncate table and start inserting new records, which leads me to a surprise of "IDENTITY NOT GETTING RESET" with new records.

Then, my surf starts and finally Mr. Pinal Dave answered me with his fantastic blog post here. Which taught me a good thing today of RESEEDING Table Identity Value.

I am writing this article just to share this to all my blog lovers & friends, so that this may help you, too.

Hope this will help all my friends,

Guys, I have also written another article on this topic here. May this also help you out.

Vihang Shah.
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