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SQL Server 2012 RC0 - SQL Server 2012 Programmability and Cloud Enabled


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 enables developers to be more productive and easily create the next generation of robust database solutions using the powerful SQL Server T-SQL programming language and rich data types that manage virtually any type of data all through a new unified developer experience that enables build once, deploy anywhere across on-premises and cloud.
Key Capabilities
  • New unified development experience across database, BI and web.
  • Choice in data storage with FileTable and Remote Blog Storage.
  • Improvements for blazing-fast Full-Text Search.
  • Expanded spatial support.

Powerful Tools

Create next generation database applications that support the most demanding end-user requirements.
New Unified Development Experience
  • SQL Server Data Tools unifies the development experience for database development.
  • A single integrated environment for database development across database, BI, and web for any SQL Server platform on and off premises within Visual Studio.
New Frameworks
  • Support for the Data-Tier Application Framework dramatically simplifies the development, deployment and management of database applications across on-premises and cloud.
SQL Language Improvements
  • SQL Server 2012 supports new Transact-SQL language improvements.
  • Simplify complex programming tasks and ease database migrations with improved support for ANSI SQL standards.


Rich Support for Content

Leverage SQL Server’s built-in data type support to easily manage relational and non-relational data as part of the database.
Choice in Data Storage
  • FileTable permits organizations to store unstructured files directly in the database table.
  • Remote Blog Storage allows management simplicity or externally on separate hardware for scalability.
Expanded Spatial Support
  • Spatial enhancements include:
  • Circular arcs on the ellipsoid (an industry first for relational database systems).
  • Support for full globe spatial objects.
  • Functional parity of geography and geometry data types.
  • Added spatial indexing performance.
FILESTREAM Improvements
  • Manages files and documents efficiently while leveraging SQL Server security and transaction support.
  • Improvements in SQL Server 2012 yield improved performance, manageability and availability.
New Statistical Semantic Search
  • Enables T-SQL developers to bring deep insight to the organization within non-structured data files stored in the SQL Server database.
  • Reveal previously undiscovered relationships across stored data.


New Delivery Options

Choose from an array of delivery options that best suits customer needs.
New Support For Desktops
  • SQL Server 2012 Express offers a new Local Database Runtime (LocalDb) deployment option.
  • Ideal for developers who need to redistribute an embedded database within their desktop application or tool.
Cloud On Your Terms
  • Build applications exclusively for the cloud, or hybrid applications that consume both on-premise and cloud services.
  • Windows Azure Platform offers powerful database and BI functionality delivered as a service.
New SQL Server Appliances
  • Microsoft is partnering with some of the industry’s most well-known and respected hardware OEM’s to offer a line of SQL Server appliances.
  • Targeting a variety of enterprise scenarios.
Better with Windows Server
  • SQL Server 2012 is designed to be the best database server for Windows Server.
  • Offering several points where capabilities are tightly woven.
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The Cloud-Ready Information and Intelligence Platform

SQL Server 2012 is a cloud-ready information platform that will offer organizations the agility to create and scale solutions quickly from server to private or public cloud.
Key Capabilities
  • Reduces complexity and accelerates time to solution through appliance and private or public cloud offerings.
  • Flexible deployment options on your terms – server to cloud.
  • Optimize IT and developer productivity across server and cloud with common tools.
  • Extend Data Anywhere across server and/or cloud with expansive developer technologies.

Developer Productivity

Take database development to the next level with SQL Server Data Tools.
Developer Productivity
  • An integrated development experience for developers building next-generation web, enterprise and data-aware mobile applications across on-premises and public cloud.
  • Provides both graphical and text-based experiences for designing databases, tables, stored procedures, entities, models, and schemas.
  • Learn more here.

Simplify Deployment

Simplify Database development and deployment across on-premises and the cloud. Allowing developers to build once; deploy and manage anywhere.
Data-tier Application Component Enhancements
  • Introduced in SQL Server 2008 R2, Data-tier Application (DAC) support across SQL Server and Visual Studio.
  • Helps IT and developers to more easily define and contain the schemas.
  • Supports applications, then deploys, imports, and exports DACs more easily across on-premises and public cloud.
Data-tier Application Component (DAC) Parity with SQL Azure
  • SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure offer ‘anywhere support’ for moving a DAC database between SQL Server databases across server, private cloud or SQL Azure.
  • Enables customers to build once; deploy and manage anywhere.
  • Unprecedented flexibility across IT and developers.
  • Import and export services in the DAC framework enables archiving and migration scenarios between on-premise and cloud database servers.
  • Extract database schema as well as data and serialize it into a new logical and open archive format – a .bacpac file.
  • Import the .bacpac archive into another database server.

Extend Data Anywhere

Extend the reach of data beyond on premises applications to new devices and locations in the cloud.
  • Provides a consistent and open data-feed to power multiple user experiences across the web, devices and desktop with Odata, an open protocol built on widely used web standards.
Data Sync
  • Enables new scenarios with SQL Azure DataSync, a cloud service which provides bi-directional data synchronization between databases across datacenter and cloud.
Data Market
  • Monetize accumulated data through SQL Azure DataMarket that allows organizations to publish data for purchase and consumption by other entities.

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SQL Server 2012 RC0
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