Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is jQuery Connect ? How to use jQuery Connect?

This is a jQuery plugin that is used to connect / bind a function to another function. It is more of assigning a handler for another function. Connect is used to execute a function whenever a function from another object or plugin is executed. We can connect to an event of a DOM element too using this function. In the sense same connect function can be used for both DOM elements and for the functions.
1.$.connect(refobj,refFuncName, connObj,connFunc);
This means that, when the reference function is executed, the connected function gets executed automatically after it. To understand more please analyze the following example
01.function A(){
02.this.fun1 = function(){
03.called1 = 'calssA-fun1';
06.var a = new A();
07.function B(){
08.this.fun2 = function(){
09.called2 = 'classB-fun1';
12.var b = new B();
Here we connected "fun2" of object b to "fun1" of object a. When we call b.fun2, a.fun1 will also execute automatically.
This is very handy to execute some function when some other function is executed from the plug-in . In order to play with it follow these steps.

  • Download jquery.connect.js file.
  • Include this file in your html file.
  • Take help of $.connect function as illustrated to connect a function to another function.
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